Do you know your fennel from your fenugreek? See below for a compilation of ingredients you may want to use when trying the recipes in this blog.

I'll be adding more items as I go along, so please be sure to keep checking for updates!


Fragrant pods which can be used in both sweet dishes and savoury curries.


Fragrant spice used for curries and cakes


Like cardarmom,  cloves too can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. It is more popularly used in kesari (a semolina based Indian sweet/pudding) and briyani rice.


This aromatic spice should be used in moderation in curries and spicy soups.


Fennel seed 

Common curry spice and looks just like cumin but larger, and has a much milder aroma. They are mostly used in chicken recipes.


Ideal spice to complement fish and crab curries.

Spice mix 

A mixture of mustard seeds, urad dhal, fennel seeds and fenugreek. Used in Indian food to spice up vegetables and curries.

Star anise

Flower-shaped spice that adds a certain sweetness to the curries, rice and dessert dishes. Also used as confectionery (liquorice) and alcohol flavours.

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